$5 Sat: 3/30

About Us

Our History

Creative Consignments is located in beautiful Stowe, Vermont. Opened in 2001, it has offered affordable “previously loved,” women’s fashions and accessories. We have an extremely loyal customer and consignor base that shops and sells at Creative Consignments. It is our goal to provide you with a flawless resale experience.

Our Philosophy

At Creative Consignments, we believe that there is a social responsibility that comes with buying, “recycled clothing.” It’s an easy, economical, and stylish way to help the environment.

America throws away twenty billion pounds of clothing each year. Mounds of wasted clothing, often still in great condition, fill our landfills. Shopping at stores like Creative Consignments and reusing second-hand clothing will significantly reduce the severe toll being placed on the environment through the production of new clothing.