Let’s Stop the Waste

by | Jan 27, 2024 | Lifestyle

Did you know that according to Earth.org, 85% of all textiles are sent to landfills? That’s a lot. I don’t know about you but I’m kind of partial to this Earth and we only get one so we should take care of it.

Selling and buying used clothing is one solution to this problem. Selling unwanted clothing cannot only declutter your closet with clothing you don’t wear or want anymore, but it also helps others buy clothing for lower prices. Consigning helps the environment by keeping used clothing items out of landfills we reduce the amount of waste. Each year the number of wastes in landfills seems to increase instead of decrease. This is a scary thought. If we continue to throw our unwanted clothes in landfills, the landfills will take over the planet. Could that happen? Probably not exactly but it should make you stop and think about what to do with that nice pair of jeans you can’t wear anymore.

Everyone works hard for their money and being able to help others and help save our Earth should be rewarding enough. Wouldn’t you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a world that was much cleaner and not so much waste?
Special thanks to Daphne Howland at https://www.retaildive.com