Let’s Be Creative

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Let’s Be Creative by Kim Pope, Insights, LLC

We all know that in today’s world, everything is increasing in cost. From gas to cars, from shoes to clothes. Everything is going up. But we don’t have to pay those high prices for some things.
Be creative go thrift store shopping and find someone’s old and let it become your new.

Many times we think thrift stores/consignment stores have items that need to be thrown away but it is not the case. Most consignment stores only take and display good quality stuff for a much
more reasonable price. Recently my niece needed a pair of boots.

Her dad took her to the consignment shop and found a pair of combat boots (like Doc Martens) or something similar to them, for half the price of what they wanted them for brand new. She absolutely loves them and wears them all the time now.

Next time you are in need of something and the price is too high brand new go check out a consignment store and pay way less. Get your money’s worth you don’t have to pay a high price to look good.
Kimberly Pope